Clear Light Executive Suite

Woburn, MA

The Challenge: Design a sophisticated office environment for a group of young executives,
while keeping as much skylight visible as possible.

The original pentagonal shaped space was occupied as a corporate gym and had a large atrium skylight. Great natural light for some environments, but not for an office as it creates glare and heat in the 10,000 sq ft penthouse.
We created a light-filled office and work space. Thick walls were designed to have a solid masonry-like presence and held short of the ceiling and back from the glass facade to allow light to splash over and around from office to office. Etched glass is used selectively for visual privacy. A tremendous amount of daylight is emitted throughout the inner workspace
Slivers of the skylight are revealed throughout the circulations paths, and one large view of the
skylight can be seen from a central gathering space. A floating wood wall creates the foundation for a reception seating area at the elevator hall. A subtle color palette and light maple wood are used throughout the office, and dark wood furniture compliment the entry and break-out room.

Photos by Paul Dube of Hotshots