Lake Side Kitchen

Naples, Maine

Challenge: Reconfigure a kitchen to open-up to the existing family room and update the loft balustrade.

Because two gabled roof structures came together at the intersection of kitchen and family room, the “opening up” of the spaces was a structural and architectural challenge-

The ceiling height would be quite low at the intersection. A deep portal was designed with a gentle arch –and finished with wood slats like the underside of a boat. The paddle-shaped balustrade and railing for the loft fit right into the motif.

The color red was introduced on the family room side to accent the white wood walls and ceiling. A new wine bar was created with the added benefit of accommodating a tall pantry cabinet for kitchen storage. Upper glass cabinets add texture and interest to the space.

Fun fact: The homeowner designed the pair of reclaimed wood-top tables to be used together for large parties.

Photos by Greg Premru